Best of 2013 Podcast

While there were a ton of great tracks in 2013, I’ve put together a selection of some of my favorites.  The set has just been posted to Beatport, so check it out!

Nocturnegy:  Best of 2013

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New set added on Beatport – Nocturnegy Ep. 4

My new set just dropped on!
Nocturnegy Ep. 4 – October 2013
Available for streaming and purchase/download at:

This includes a mash-up I did of “Leave the World Behind” and “Sing2Me”.

New Beatport Set Added: Recovery Poolside Summer 2013

Just in time for the summer, I have released a new set on Beatport called “Nocturnegy:  Recovery Poolside Summer 2013.”  Taking a break from previous sets, this episode focuses on a chill vibe perfect for Sunday morning, relaxing by the pool, or driving with the windows rolled down.  It currently sits at number 35 on the Beatport Mixes Chart!

Please Help! DJ Contest for Matinee Las Vegas

I’ve entered into a DJ Contest in hopes to earn a DJ spot during Matinee Las Vegas Festival which occurs Memorial Day weekend 2013.

Please go to this link, ‘like’ the post, ‘share’ the post, and add a comment.
DJ Voting Booth

Then go to this link on Soundcloud, listen to the set I submitted and ‘favorite’ the set.

All social events will add up to a large part of their judging, so everything counts!  As always, I really appreciate the support!