About Me

Before I learned to read and write, I learned the language of music.  Since then, it has always been the easiest form of communication for me; from the moment I began studying music at the age of four in College Station, TX.  Taking my experience as a pianist, percussionist, and singer/songwriter, my music has grown to encompass more of my personality, in particular my obsession for emotion and energy on the dance floor.  Recent successes along this path include the 2013 Closing Party for Atlanta Pride and two nights at the Gay Days Pool Parties in 2010.

In 2007 my previous experience brought me to open for the main event with DJ Dan De Leon at Cherry Weekend in Washington, DC.  The following year, 2008 marked the third consecutive year performing for Cherry Fund as well as introduced me to Gay Internet Radio Live’s online audience.  A chosen contestant in the website’s online DJ contest, I received the honor of finishing as a top eight finalist.  Additional event highlights and past residencies can be found here.

When I spin, I borrow from many different styles depending on crowd, space, and time; however, I strive to keep a level of emotional energy as a constant thread through each set.  Whether performing my original songs or spinning for a crowd on the dance floor, it is my goal to create something that moves you—both emotionally and physically.  I received my Bachelor of Music degree in Music Composition at the University of Texas at Austin, where I also studied film, musical theatre, and playwriting.  You can keep up to date with my music and future events at http://www.kevindurard.com or these social sites.


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